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“G.R.O.W.IN G.” - Generating Renewal Obediently Walking IN Greatness, is the vision and standard that governs everything we do.It is the guiding principle and provides checks and balances.
The goal of everything we do is to GENERATE RENEWAL! No matter what someone’s social, spiritual, or physical situation may be, it is our intention to help them grow to a greater place of being!

Those who help to generate renewal are those who are conscious and intentional about OBEDIENTLY WALKING IN GREATNESS. We want to equip the saints to be faithful, enduring, and sacrificial leaders that refresh those they come in contact with daily.

St. Stephens has gone from a small to medium sized church to affecting the lives of thousands weekly. This growth was accomplished through exemplary leadership, outreach and service to the southeast corridor of Baltimore county.  As we seek to honor and add to our amazing legacy, we are adopting the mantra: We’re GROWING TIL … God is Pleased!

While our efforts to Generate Renewal guide our every action, there are three focus areas of St. Stephens’ ministry which help us to grow “T.I.L.” God is pleased: Transformational Worship, Intentional Christian Formation, and Liberating Service.

We welcome you to join our GROWING Team to help generate renewal and grow the Kingdom of God TIL … God is pleased!