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The Christian Education Board at St. Stephens African Methodist Episcopal Church provides general oversight and directions for the total educational programs of the church. Also, the Board will provide guidance and assistance to ministries, and other organizational components of the church in developing and conducting Christian Educational programs and activities.

The Board is appointed by the Pastor and is composed of representatives from all phases of the church ministries who educate, ie, Church School Superintendent, Missionary Society, etc.


Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry


Christian Education at St. Stephens AME Church is to empower, train, nurture, provide spiritual guidance and teach the congregation how to become committed disciples.


To carry out its functional duties, the Christian Education Board will use various methods and procedures to:

dentify the training needs of the church, including consultation with the Pastor, offices and general congregational surveys.
To develop or assist in the development and implementation of specific Christian Educational programs and activities to meet the training needs of the church; and  to evaluate training results in order to refine and improve future training initiatives.